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Our Pastor

Dr. Craig Bush is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church. He and his wife Debbie have been married since June of 1989 and have 3 children. Dr. Bush was an assistant pastor for almost 25 years – having worked the for 5 years for the late Dr. Jack Hyles at “The World’s Largest Sunday School”.

Dr. Bush grew up in a Christian home and began preaching at the age of 13 when God called him into the ministry. He is a 1989 graduate of Hyles-Anderson College and received his Doctorate from Calvary Baptist College in May of 2002. He is the author of one book entitled, “Follow the Leader.”

A group of people were forming a church and asked Dr. Bush to help them. In the process, they asked him to pastor Grace Baptist Church. Dr. Bush has taken the approach that God pastors Grace and that he is God’s assistant pastor.

Dr. Bush has sat at the feet of and served one of the greatest church builders in history. He sincerely loves God and people and desires to meet the needs of the people God gives him. He is solid in doctrine and the King James Bible as the only source of doctrine. He is a friend to his friends and longs to have God be pleased with the work at Grace.